spring things


Since being home from Bali, I've been a little out of my routine. Food, skincare, daily tasks, etc. I don't mind too much as I've made room for new & blog-worthy things. Some things I've used before and have fallen in love with all over again while some are delicious new obsessions.


Tassel slides
I bought these slides in Bali from a shop called Lost In Paradise, and I'm so glad I did. I live in these. The current Spring weather isn't ideal, but they'll be sitting pretty right by my jandals when Summer hits that's for sure.


Saltsuit bamboo wrap
One of my favourite shops in Bali was a little clothing/accessories spot, Les. Basics. They stock a few wicked brands including a swimwear brand, Saltsuit. I found a beautiful olive green wrap in one of the baskets and had to grab it. It's made from organic bamboo and feels divine. I've been wearing it as a layering piece if it's a little chilly. It even came in handy as a prop for a food shoot I did recently. Plus, I love wraps in Summer over togs, easy and breezy.


Rattan Bag
On my first day in Bali, I had seen these at a local market stall and kept my eye on them. But it wasn't until my last day that I grabbed one from a little bag/basket shop in Kerobokan. These are popping up all over the show, (prices are a tad cheekier though compared with my $20 bargain). Such a sweet little bag for those days when you don't need to take much with you. My one is a mini. However, you can get larger ones too. 


T & D toner
Y'all know I'm in love with Triumph & Disaster and have been for a wee while. They have a brilliant face cleanser if you're in need of a new one, I wrote a blog about it here. However, this is about their newest addition. The Logic Toner. I've always loved using a toner but struggled with their drying or stinging effects (I have sensitive skin). This one however, is natural, alcohol-free and doesn't strip or dehydrate your skin. I use a small amount on a cotton round, as a little goes a long way and swipe all over my skin after cleansing. The thought of it getting into all those tiny pores makes me feel super fresh.

Curionoir Diaphanous pocket parfum
This is one of my favourites on this list. In love is an understatement. I think obsessed is much more fitting. I've never had so many compliments about a fragrance ever before, even hours after putting it on. It lasts so long. I can even smell it the next day on my pillow. I would describe the scent as a more complex and rich floral. Diaphanous has notes of mandarin, sambac jasmine, saffron, narcissus Absolute, Cayenne Pepper & amber and is inspired by the bewildering moment of clarity, which sounds beautiful in itself. This one's a keeper.


Girl Undiscovered Stumbled Across Paradise Face Masque
This brand has me written all over it, starting with gorgeous branding and design. They know how to attract me that's for sure. They use raw, 100% wild & natural ingredients, GU is made in New Zealand, and they believe in ethical and sustainable products and business practices. Huge yes from me. I've been using their Stumbled Across Paradise Face Mask for about two weeks and love how it makes my skin feel afterwards. Hydrated and polished. After you've let the mask sit, if you splash a small amount of water on your skin you can lightly exfoliate, so it's like a dual product. Uncomplicated yet beautiful ingredients like cold pressed coconut oil and exotic additions like Thanaka tree bark which has high anti-bacterial, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory properties. I love that it comes with a little scoop to keep the mask clean from fingers. I highly recommend this mask if you're in need of boosting stressed skin or you're just into supporting a brand that's all about global movement towards empowerment & living a more thoughtful life.


LaVanda beetroot face wash
Another skincare product that I can't quite put down. I had never heard of a beetroot face wash before and admittedly was a little skeptical. Not to worry though, this cleanser is like a veil of silk on your skin. I can't describe it any other way. There are two phases in the one, so you shake it up before you apply. It smells subtle, cleans well and doesn't leave your skin with any oily residue that some oil-based cleansers do. I was pretty impressed, so I had my sis try it out, and she loved it. 

Vanilla chai tea with coconut cream
Tea is life. Especially when it's spicy, a little sweet and served with coconut cream. I've been having it before breakfast, or in the afternoon if I'm feeling like something warming and grounding. Cinnamon and ginger are made to be used together, and a little bit of richness from the coconut makes it that much better. If you had a breakfast brioche, the day would be made.

Daylight savings
Pick of the list. Hands down my favourite Spring thing. Daylight savings to me is like the opening ceremony to the warmer weather to come. I think of lazy evening BBQ's, dusk walks and staying up later when I was a kid. Sometimes anyway. 

Did anyone else love daylight savings when they were young like me? Or does Spring bring other awesome things for you?