skin care & self care + Keeping It simple

I love trying new skin care and I always have.

My mum taught my sister and me at a young age how to care for our skin and never skimped on quality skin care. I'm still a sucker for trying new things. However I've recently de-cluttered and found having a simple lineup of products has been working quite nicely, for my skin, health and time management!

Skin care checklist /

  • Must be cruelty-free (not tested on animals). CF & vegan; even better.100% natural isn't always best for my skin type.
  • Certain vitamins and pure oils my skin doesn't like. So making sure the balance and type of ingredients suit, is a must. 
  • No allergens. I'm highly allergic to kiwi fruit, so I always do a skim over the ingredients list for this. Plus, anything with a strong scent or perfume can make my skin irritated.
  • This isn't a deal-breaker when choosing skin care but cool packaging gets me good and so it should. If you're using it, holding it, seeing it on the daily, I think why not buy something that makes you smile.

So simple yet the most effective. Along with rinsing my face every morning with just water, I drink a lot too. The more I stay hydrated, the better my skin feels.

Specifically Red Seals' Baking Soda. It’s all we use. We ran out in Bali, so T sent over two more tubes, bless her. It’s a herbal paste that’s paraben free with no fluoride, and it tastes good which is hard to come by with natural pastes. Highly recommend jumping on this bandwagon if you aren't already.

In this case a salve. Since running out of my Lush Celestial cream, I’ve been using a product that’s an all rounder. A Vegan and all natural product by ISHA. It’s called skin 911, and it sure lives up to its name. It’s made from a variety of different oils, essences, and vitamins and can be used on bug bites, chapped lips, dry skin, you name it. So I have been using it on my face, and I really like it. They also do a skin serum that’s next on my list.

Eye Cream. 
Mum's 'must-have.' I'm pretty particular when it comes to the texture of eye cream. I love a cooling formula and something that's hydrating. I'm using one at the moment that mum brought back from Rarotonga, so I'll see how it goes. If you have any suggestions for the one you think is worth a try, I'd love to know in the comments below. 

Face Cleanser. 
Jay and I both use this one and have been for a couple of years now. It's the Triumph & Disaster Ritual Face Cleanser. It's ideal for sensitive skin types, it's unisex like most of their products, and you can use it every day. Plus it's one of the best cleansers I've found for removing makeup. It also has a peppermint scent that is so refreshing first thing. 

Pretty Straight forward but I sweat more than normal so I’m always on the hunt for a winning deodorant formula and recently found one at the supermarket. It's by Nature's Gate and ticks all my deo. Boxes. Aluminium free, odour-absorbing and cruelty-free. It’s also vegan, gluten and soy free and non-GMO. It’s a solid, stick formula which I love, nothing worse than putting on a t shirt with wet armpits.

Organic/natural tampons are one of those things I can't substitute. if you knew what went into your stock standard woman's products, you wouldn't either. I urger you to take note and check it out hereBON or OI tampons are my go-to. No nasties in these. I am interested in giving this Moon Cup a whirl though. Do any of you ladies out there use one? I’m intrigued to hear your thoughts! I also follow Shethinx on Instagram and these are next on my 'to purchase list'. 


  • A few times a week I like to add in a gentle face scrub. Rock & Roll Suicide Face Scrub from T&D is seriously good. I discovered this a couple of years ago, and it's been a shower staple ever since for a few reasons. It's cruelty-free or course. The texture is really fine which is something I look for when buying an exfoliator as my skin is sensitive. It does what it says it will, removes dead skin. Simple.
  • I'll apply a face mask when I remember, let's be honest. I'd love to say I use one three times a week, but I forget. When I do see my mask sitting in the fridge, I'll use it. I love the Lush range. I'll often have 1-2 on the go at once due to their freebie incentive. (Take back five clean pots, and you get a free mask). My favourites are Oatifix, for when my skins extra dry or irritated, or Catastrophe Cosmetic. I'll use this as a general skin saviour, but it's ideal for soothing inflamed or sensitive skin. 

I hope you find some new favourites amongst these. 


GIFT FOR YOU GUYS / now closed.

Because the Triumph & Disaster Ritual Face Cleanser is that good, we decided it wouldn't be right not to gift one, to you guys. So if this is up your alley, just tell me in the comment box below the things you look for when buying a cleanser. Simple. 

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