get to know me q&a featuring Jay

I had Jay put together 10 questions for a little get to know me Q & A.

He has full creative control here guys, just keep that in mind. Otherwise, there's a bit of background info in my About section.

  1. You're a proud, full blooded, true to heart 'Westie'. Where else in the world could you imagine calling home? 

    Well, since we are currently living in Bali, then I'd say here. It's warm, the Balinese are lovely, and life is much simpler which I love. I'm open to giving anywhere a shot though.
  2. They say food is the key to a man's heart, you definitely won me over with your culinary genius, what delectable dishes sing to YOUR heart? 

    This one's really hard. I like food too much, so it makes it really tricky to choose just a few. If it were an ingredient, I'd have to roll with potatoes as one of my top 5. You can't deny a potato. But since it's a dish, I'll go with some loaded veggie nachos or right now in Bali I can't pass up the fresh rice paper rolls. They do these so well!
  3. What is your absolute favourite sweet treat?

    Again with the food questions, so hard. You can't go wrong with Whittaker's Black Dorris Plum chocolate. But doughnuts are taking the first place position here I think.
  4. This is like asking a Mum who their favourite child is, BUT I'm going to do it anyway, what is your favourite 'baby' animal? Only 1?

    You're right. This is tough. I love all of them far too much. 
  5. One of the biggest gripes you have is your lack of wardrobe 'choice' especially here in Bali. What is your current, favourite garb right now? 

    I did leave 90% of my wardrobe at home, so yes, it's limited. But that's okay; it's kind of nice not having to make a decision on what to put on. I like my Yoli & Otis Yord shorts in natural linen. I've been living in them.
  6. And in recognition of this limited selection what is your absolute, next, must have?

    It has to be the Gertrude Maxi by Gertrude Silk. My girl AL from H + H Lifestyle introduced me whilst at Kim Soo and it was love at first touch.
  7. We've had some amazing adventures together. What bucket list adventure do you want to tick off next? And tell us the top 3 things you are excited to do, see or experience? 

    We have talked about doing a South America trip. I would love to do 6 months travelling through there. Plus a North America trip. My mum and dad both went in the 70's and had these wicked sets of photos from their trips which have always made me want to do a similar thing. Taking a camper van around for a few months would be ideal. Cuba is also on the bucket list for sure. It's hard to choose just three, but one more place I'd love to visit is Sri Lanka. Just google it, and you'll see why. 
  8. I've never met anyone as committed to Sun worship as you, what is your #1 favourite Sun worshipping spot in the world (So far?)

    Being outside in the sun is definitely a happy place. My top spot would be Tirohanga. A small 'blink, and you'll miss it' town just outside of Opotiki in the Bay Of Plenty. I've been going here to camp with family and friends since I was born every year (bar a few). Lying on the beach here is like being at home.
  9. We've talked about Dog names for a while, and there is one particular name you love, almost so much, in pretty sure it would be the name your first child. What is this peculiar name?

    Have you guys seen The Labyrinth? I hope the answer to that question is yes. There's a dog called Sir Didymus, and he rides around on his sheep dog, called Ambrosius. That is the name I would choose. Much to your disapproval. 
  10. You're one of the most amazing creative talents I've ever met. Name one thing you want to create that you dream of often? 

    Too sweet you are. There are too many things. I'm always dreaming of things to create. Food, life dreams, businesses. This being one of them. I hope to create a blog that I love to work on and that people love to read or look at. 


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