first things first - Bali

Take it back seven weeks. Picture this. I’m sitting on my bedroom floor. There's a yes pile, a no pile and a maybe pile. (I’m talking clothes here) And I have a suitcase that’s built for half my yes pile. What do I do? Jam it all in, even some of the no’s. Why? Isn’t that what we do? Overpack and then when we get to wherever it is we're going we realise that the 20 pairs of socks, 10 ‘spare’ undies and the 45  bikinis were completely unnecessary. Maybe not the 45 bikinis but you get me right?

Anyway, I’m here; we made it. Complete with said suitcase. (Not so over packed with the help of an organisational guru. My girl T.) Current situation. Sitting in bed at 9.10am, six weeks into our stay and I’m writing my first blog post for Shelives, and it feels good. There’s a palm tree outside my window, blowing with the breeze as palm trees do. Cliche right but it’s true. It’s a balmy 26 degrees already and by about 1pm I will be in one of those well-packed 45 bikinis sitting down by the pool. Life is good.


reality check.

Shake off the pool water and come back to land Haley. There's also are a few moments amongst the Bali bliss that I didn't plan for. Things that don’t come under the category of ‘life is good or ‘must do while in Bali’. These things I'll file under the ’We messed up’ department.

I recommend you take note and learn from these;

  • Always pay for extra luggage items when you buy your ticket online if you can. We found this out the hard way when forking out $240 for two additional items. (That's 120 Bintangs.) Face palm.

  • Do your research into Balinese toilets. This will save your guest house owner from having to spend an hour unblocking your toilet. Twice. Don’t worry, we tipped him good, the poor guy.

  • This one is a no-brainer, although apparently, Jay was listening to his tummy. Don’t eat the meat in the cabinet. Just don't. The toilet will be your best friend. Alternatively, don’t eat meat. Solution!

  • GLUE your passports to you. The moment you realise you've left them on the plane in Jakarta is not a good one. This story has a blog post with its name on it.

  • Be extra careful when wearing mini's or dresses on your scooter. You need a good strategy for getting of and off otherwise you get more of that side eye than you were after.

Bali though, it's incredible. Grateful to be here and thankful your'e here reading this.