creating rituals - Bali edition

I'll admit it. I’m not the most organised person, it’s something I’m working on, and I’ve started with morning rituals. Things I do or put in place every morning (weekends may or may not fit into this)  to help my day get off to a beautiful start. Because why not create the best start to your day? 

When I was photographing an H + H Lifestyle & Mondays Wholefoods retreat out at Muriwai, Twyla from Being Well spoke about rituals. Since then, I've been putting a little self-loving habits into my mornings.

  • Back home in NZ, my alarm would wake me up around 5.45/6 which used to be a little painful. I've since switched out the annoying beep to a mellow bird song; you can do this too if you have the bedtime alarm on your iPhone. Also in Bali, I tend to wake with the sun which is nice.
  • I try not to check my phone first thing but instead lie in bed and be still. Breathe. This stillness doesn’t last too long as there’s a lady across the road that tends to pop my bubble. Her trio of bird-scaring noises starts around sunrise and goes all day. You gotta do what you gotta do to protect your rice crops out here in Bali.
  • It’s then I get up, grab a glass of water and wash my face with cold water too. It’s refreshing and get’s me out of that sleepy zone. When I remember, I'l also down a tablespoon of ACV (Apple cider vinegar). Gets the metabolism going and helps digestion. Plus it's an antibacterial if you're feeling under the weather. (Iv'e managed to go through an entire bottle here).
  • I love getting fresh air. Opening a window or sitting outside by the pool for five is where I can think about the day ahead. I'll take notes on my phone or write them down in my journal; I love An Organised Life, minimal, sleek and clean. 
  • I’m still in a robe or a tee at this stage, so I'll then shower if needed, brush my teeth, throw on deodorant and skin care and get dressed. Let's be honest, if I don't plan on leaving the house, it's probably whatever's on the floor from last night. 
  • I haven’t yet managed to get into a yoga routine, but I’m working on it. So, for now, I'll stretch, 10 minutes and I feel pretty darn good.
  • Breakfast usually comes last and a little later here. A green juice or smoothie and a Golden latte with coconut milk are a winning combo. Eaten at the pool, even better.

Thing’s I’d love to incorporate it would be light meditation or yoga, reading, a beautiful skin care routine, and a swim/surf practice. I'd love to know your morning or daily rituals, let me know in the comments below. Maybe I can incorporate some new ones.