So I want to know, who came up with the phrase dirty 30’s? Is it legitimately a time in your life when you become extra dirty? Do we 30 somethings just not like to shower as much?

Or is it when this extra naughty, sassy, side rears its kinky head? Alright I'm far too literal but I’m one month into my 30’s, and I’m not going to bed smelling bad or wanting to watch 50 Shades every night. I'll give it time.

I’m pretty happy and grateful for being able to spend my birthday in Bali. A, It wasn’t the middle of winter as per and B I had my best pals and bro surprise me!

The brother attacked me at the airport as older brothers do, gave me the fright of my life. The other two came on different days, one ambushing a breakfast at Shady Shack and the other took over a perfectly rigged at home massage. ‘How’s the pressure going miss’. Sneaky but I love them all! I keep thinking that my face resembled Macaulay Culkin when he see's his giant, birthday, pancake surprise in Uncle Buck. If you haven't seen it, then you should. Or just click here and you'll see what I mean.

We celebrated in true D30 style (my new abbreviation for dirty 30's) at Mexicola, the bounty of drinks made way for a long evening of table dancing and bad singing. It is actually a thing, this table dancing. We weren't’ the only ones stomping around on benches, check it out for yourself if you're skeptical. It’s a rad night out. My favourite snap from the night is below. I do have a few gold videos but I don't think the team would be okay if I shared those ones.


The day of was completely perfect which was cool considering I had come to the conclusion that I'd be friendless on my birthday this year, aside from Jay of course. 

So here’s to 30 laps around the sun and to all the next 30 will entail. Of course, a blog about turning 30 wouldn't exist if it wasn't for my beautiful mum and dad. Forever thankful, forever greatful.

For those of you with insight into this D30 business, let me know.